I'm a risk, compliance, and governance specialist in New Zealand.

I work with  companies in New Zealand and abroad, particularly on:

  • AML/CFT and responsible lending compliance strategy and operations

  • Governance regulatory risk policy

  • Building cultures that demonstrate resilience and integrity

  • Fintech and digital transformation


The common thread in my work and career is exploring how a system's whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


I've approached my career as a treasure hunter, looking for the most interesting and challenging experiences I can access. After completing my studies and being confirmed as a Barrister and Solicitor in New Zealand, I threw myself into professional adventures that include -

  • Work as a research manager for Oxford University in Sierra Leone, West Africa measuring access to justice in regional courts and prisons

  • Representing the New Zealand government as a negotiator with Maori, New Zealand's indigenous people, in reparation settlements

  • Creating and running an ethically made bedding manufacturing company in Bali

  • Pitching VCs in Silicon Valley on my software prototype to help fintech businesses automate customer and transaction risk alerts

  • Building and leading one of New Zealand's first specialist AML/CTF consulting firms developing proprietary risk assessment models and policy projects to financial institutions from fintech start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals

  • Designing and drafting responsible lending policy and operational strategy for a large New Zealand finance company in preparation for CCCFA changes


My hunting for experiences happens out-of-office too.


Since we can't indulge in travel much right now, I am -

  • Spending a lot of time convincing our rescue Pomeranian to chase the ball on the beach because he needs to start acting like a dog

  • Focussing on unsupported handstands in my yoga practice;

  • Planting my first garden and wishing I'd listened to my Gran twenty years ago;

  • Testing the best way to drink tequila before dinner (I'm still at sparkling water and lime - please send ideas)

IMG_9433 (1).jpg

Bobby Bean Sprout on Mount Maunganui beach, pointedly not chasing the ball

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